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Treasure Basket Play with Your Baby

At Crouch End Preschool, one of our main aims is to encourage your child to explore, play and learn. We provide your baby with a world of fun and exciting objects and textures, all just waiting to be discovered by them!

It can take a while for a child to be able to sit up and hold things. When they do start to acquire these motor function skills introducing a treasure basket is a great way for your little one to explore, experiment and make their own choices at their own pace.

A treasure basket is a low basket or sturdy box filled with plenty of interesting household objects and natural items for your little one to explore, including items such as paint brushes, pine cones, and feathers. The more tactile the objects, the better.

They’re a great addition to playtime at home. They’re very simple and cheap to create your own and they provide hours of fun and sensory stimulation for your child.

Here at The Crouch End Preschool, we see the benefits a treasure basket can provide. We provide our children with regular access to treasure basket play. It provides sensory exploration and helps them to learn and develop. But why not try creating your own treasure basket at home?

How You Can Create Your Own Treasure Basket

Take the chance to create a treasure basket at home with your baby, it’s a lot of fun and provides a great opportunity for them to learn.


So the first thing you’re going to need is obviously a basket! Make sure it has a flat bottom and that it is strong and sturdy enough to not tip over if a baby leans on it. One other optional point is that you should avoid plastic baskets, part of the experience is sensory and touching. Using natural materials will be more beneficial for this.


So you have your ideal basket picked out, now you need to fill it up! Use a variety of natural and every day items when filling your basket, making sure these natural objects will provide engagement for all of your baby’s senses. Using shop-bought toys is a big no-no!


Variety is the spice of life, and this is no different with your child. They can become accustomed to and bored by the same things very easily. Change the items in the basket regularly to avoid this. Introduce new items, textures and sensory experiences to widen their horizons.

This process is all about play and exploration, so you should never intervene with their play or try and guide them too much. Stay attentive and provide social contact with encouragement and positive reinforcement.

Why Use a Treasure Basket to Play With Your Kids?

There are plenty of reasons to use a treasure basket at home. It gives you countless opportunities to allow your child to explore the world around them, engaging all five of their senses.

Playing with a treasure basket exposes your baby to a number of sensory experiences. Interacting with the objects by sucking, holding, touching and moving the objects in different ways allows them to explore sensory experiences. Placing the items in their mouths and hands will help them to learn about the objects – their weight, shape, texture, sound and smell.

Once you have your baby’s perfect treasure box ready, they can be engaged in the exploration for an hour or more. Not only does it allow sensory experimentation but it promotes independence through decision making. They have to make the decision to choose the items out of the box themselves and decide if they want to divert their attention to something else.


What’s in your Treasure Basket? We’d love to hear your ideas!

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