Children Having Fun

Science and Discovery

The Northwood Preschool’s motto is Explore | Discover | Learn. We believe that all of life is a discovery, and a deep-seeted desire to understand and improve. Our humanity drives us to ask, “why?” As soon as a child understands that something is, because it is, the child wants to know “why?” Why is the sky blue instead of green? Why can’t we fly? Why do you like to drink wine daddy? Why do I have to go to bed? Here we are engaging the child as scientist, naturalist and philosopher.

The Science and Discovery part of our curriculum, which incidentally happens as much in Music and Sports as it does in the Science and Discovery Lab, helps children to develop problem solving skills that encompass all areas of learning. We use an age appropriate scientific method to help children design experiments to test theories and hypothesis. We use the socratic method of asking children to answer the questions themselves, while helping them understand where to get answers. We might tell the children that Newton’s third law of motion is for every action there is an equal and opposite reaction. In other words every time something pushes on something something happens. What do you think happens if you push on this toy car? What do you think happens if you push against a wall – does this building move?

The Science and Discovery Lab is a safe place to do messy and smelly experiments. We can build volcanoes and rivers. We can make a model village and work out how many houses will fit in a street. We can work to understand the lifecycle of a butterfly and watch them hatch. And please don’t forget Chemistry. Children love mixing elements, using heat as a catalyst and eating yummy biscuits.