Preparing Your Child For The Transition to School

Getting Your Child Ready for School

Taking that first step into the schooling world with preschool can big a big moment in your child’s life. They need to do it again however when they move on from preschool into school. It may feel like another monumental step in their life but it will be a much easier transition if a child is used to attending a nursery.

Taking this new and exciting step in their life is exciting for the child and their parents. Treat it like that! With lots of encouragement and a little preparation, most kids will relish the chance to move into a new school setting and will be ready to learn, discover and make new friends.

At The Crouch End Preschool, we aim to help make the transition to school as exciting and enjoyable as possible for all our children and go to every length to prepare them. We understand that at home you want to help your children as much as possible, so here are the ways that you can help to make the transition as smooth and as positive as possible.

Here are our top tips on how you can best prepare your child for the transition to school…

There are a lot of emotions to consider when your baby is about to start school. Some may be excited to be growing up, excited to take that next step and make new friends. Some of them, however, may be feeling a bit upset at leaving their preschool behind.

With emotions running high, it’s important to prepare your child (and yourself!) emotionally for starting school.

Go to the School Together

Getting your baby as used to the school as possible is essential. This means you should arrange a visit with the two of you in the run of the start of the academic year. This allows you both to get an idea of where they will be going and what they will be doing. During the visit, you should be shown around all the facilities, including the bathroom, cloakroom, playground and so on. This will help with the settling in process once they start and also make their first few days a lot less daunting.

Say Hi to The Teacher!

Your teacher will play a big part in your child’s experience in school, so you should definitely try and arrange a meet up with them. Make sure to ask lots of questions about the school day and what sorts of activities they have planned with your child. This shouldn’t be a one-way conversation, you should definitely encourage your child to engage with the teacher and tell them something about themselves. Some schools even offer a  home-visit from their staff, allowing your baby to meet the teacher in their own environment. If they offer this, we highly recommend you take them up! If that isn’t possible, try to arrange for someone from the school to visit your child in the nursery.

Get All Your Essential Starting School Books

There are so many books written on starting school. Buy them or borrow them from the library and read them to your little one. It can help make them understand the process and give you the opportunity to talk if they’re scared about starting.

Build Excitement With a Fun Shopping Trip

School is an exciting time and should be treated as such. Going on an exciting shopping trip with them to get all the essentials can be the perfect school hype builder. Including them when buying the essentials, such as uniforms, shoes, school bags or lunch boxes can help them feel included. Making out to be an adventure and a treat rather than a chore is a great way to keep your child positive about the experience. Make the trip all about them!

Encourage Them to Make Friends

One of the biggest worries that your child will have about starting school will be making friends. Most children are absolutely fine at making friends, and they will have developed their own friendships at The Crouch End Preschool. Teach them to make new friends by playing a game together, looking at their eyes and smiling, asking what their names are, and introducing themselves.

If you’d like to discuss how we prepare our children for the school transition at The Crouch End Preschool, please do not hesitate to contact us.

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