A day in the life of a baby crouch end preschool

A Day in The Life of a Baby

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Starting your new life as a mum can be a life-changing thing. Taking control of your own tiny humans life is a huge responsibility. That baby relies on solely you to keep them alive, happy and well!

If you’re a brand new mummy or just welcoming more little members of your family into the world, you’ll quickly realise your new little baby does a lot more than take naps all the time.

The moment after your baby comes into this world, you’ll find yourself in a crazy whirlwind where you are constantly adjusting your life around your new little baby. After a while it will be hard to imagine life before your new little one, it will feel like you’ve known your baby your whole life.

And from the moment you leave the hospital, the fun begins….

Your motherly instincts will surprise you with how quickly it takes for them to kick in. Many mums worry they won’t be able to manage but you’ll soon know exactly what to do. The first few cries might be scary and confusing, especially if you don’t know why they’re crying, but those instincts will guide the way to you knowing if they need their nappy changing, a cuddle or a feed.

Here at Crouch End Preschool, we’ve had plenty of practice taking care of babies of all ages, helping them to grow, learn and develop at crucial stages of their life.

We’ve created a short insight into the life of a newborn baby.

The Reality of Being a New Mum

Say goodbye to any set routine you might have in mind when you become a new mum. No more regular bedtimes or even having the concept of morning or night…It’s all worth it though, we promise!

Food Time!

Your babies belly will probably be rumbling when they wake up, so you had best be ready to feed them! Don’t forget to feed yourself too when you give your little one their fill, during those early months you need to optimise every break that you have. Some mums find it impossible to get themselves any food.

Take The Time to Enjoy The Silences

It may be hard to switch off with all the responsibilities you’re juggling, but when your baby has been fed, burped and cuddled you really need to enjoy those moments of silence. Take a moment to close your eyes and reflect on what a great job you’re doing.

Lunchtime Already?

Once you have napped, tidied up and stared in awe at the beautiful human you have managed to make, now it’s time to spend some time with your baby again. It’s highly likely that they will be ready for their next feed, their nappy might need changed and remember the importance of bonding.

Some Quality Mummy and Baby Time

Your little one loves skin on skin contact in those early days. Make sure to touch and cuddle them as often as you can! Take the time to talk to them too, it is important to help develop their language skills as early as possible.

Time For Bed!

A typical nighttime feed routine looks like this…
10 p.m. – Change & feed your baby.
12:30 a.m. – Change & feed your baby.
3 a.m. – Change & feed your baby.
5:30 a.m. – Change & feed your baby.
7 a.m. – Change & feed your baby.

The days will all blend into one and you’ll find yourself wondering where did all the time go? So even in all the moments of tiredness and through all the sleepless nights, you should realise these are moments with your baby you should treasure forever.


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